Atkins Diet Disadvantages

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There are many critics of the Atkins diet, stating that this diet has too much of an emphasis on meat and saturated fats, which are known to be unhealthy for the heart. The main disadvantages of this diet are:

  • Ketosis produces toxic by-products known as ketones
  • Ketosis - dangerous for people certain health conditions
  • Using fat for energy instead of carbohydrates may not be healthy
  • Fatigue - especially in the first two phases
  • Bad breath and headache - especially in the first two phases
  • Very high in saturated fat, which is not heart healthy
  • May impair kidney function in susceptible individuals
  • Very difficult to continue on the maintenance regime for life
  • Constipation due to lack of necessary fibre for bowel health
  • Lacking in many nutrients, especially in the first 2 stages
  • Weight lost initially is mainly due to water / fluid loss
  • Potential for health risks to people on this diet long term
  • The diet is not recommended for pregnant and lactating women
People with impaired kidney function or any other health condition should consult their doctor before trying this or any other diet


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