Juicing-Fasting Diet

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The pre-fast is the time before the actual juicing-fasting diet and is used as a preparation time to ensure that the fast works well. The rules of the pre-fast are:

  • Pre-diet fast is recommended for one week prior to the fast
  • Stop eating all meat and animal product, including dairy and eggs
  • Cut out all deep-fried and greasy foods
  • Cut out all processed foods (this means anything that is in a packet which is purchased from a shop)
  • Cut out all confectionary, sugar,
  • Cut out all caffeine (coffee, as well as black, green and white tea, chocolate and any soft drinks with caffeine added)
  • People who smoke need to cut out cigarettes
  • Cut out all stimulants (any type of stimulant medications or recreational drugs)
* Any fasts that go longer than 3 days should only be done under medical supervision, as they could be dangerous for some people with certain medical conditions

The actual fasting part of this diet is when the fasting is done, when only certain foods are allowed and which lasts for a specific length of time. The length of time that the fast lasts, depends on what the fasting is used to accomplish:

  • Energy fast – can be done just for 1 day
  • Detox fast – can be done over the weekend – 2 days
  • Rejuvenation fast – can be done for 3 days (long weekend)
  • Deep cleanse fast – can be done for 7 days*



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