Perricone Diet Rating

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The rating of the Perricone diet is on two levels and is based on the clinical evidence so far received for this diet from all the clinical studies so far conducted:

  • Rating as a short term diet – 6.5/10
  • Rating as a long term diet – 4.5/10
People with impaired kidney function or any other health condition should consult their doctor before trying this or any other diet

References and Explanations

  1. If this diet was for non-vegetarians only, it would get a higher score, but because this diet is mainly aimed at people who eat animal and fish flesh, it means it is not really relevant for vegetarians and cannot be rated as highly.
  2. Until the results of the Institutes of Health, four-year randomised, large scale clinical trial are completed in 2009 and the results are revealed, this diet cannot be endorsed yet as a diet that is safe in the long term as the potential health risks, safety and benefits of this diet have not been studied over a longer period



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