Silica Food Sources

The best (but not the only) food sources of silica are the following:

  • Beer (1 litre) - 19-20mg
  • Banana (250g ) - 13.6mg
  • High bran cereal (100g) - 10.2mg
  • Bread (wholegrain) (200g) - 8.9mg
  • Raisin (California seedless) (100g) - 8.3mg
  • Mineral water (high silica) (500mL) - 7.2mg
  • Green beans (cooked) (250g) - 6.1mg
The highest source of silica is beer. Bananas have the next highest source

For a more comprehensive list of silica food sources, visit:


  1. Vital Health Zone - Silica.


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