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Vitamin D Benefits

Vitamin D benefits include:

  • Vitamin D regulates the calcium absorbed from food
    Vitamin D regulates the amount of calcium that is absorbed when foods rich in calcium are eaten. This is part of its action in mineral metabolism and bone growth, which calcium is an integral part. Vitamin D is also involved with magnesium and phosphorus absorption, which are also part of bone metabolism and growth.
  • Vitamin D is important for bone health
    Vitamin D is really important, together with calcium, to help remineralise bones which helps with regulating and maintaining bone density so that they remain healthy and strong, preventing the brittleness and weakness associated with lack of of both calcium and vitamin D called osteoporosis. Vitamin D also regulates the growth, repair and maintenance of bone tissues with help from calcium and phosphorus and which vitamin D also regulates their levels in the blood to help it perform its functions more effectively.
  • Vitamin D is important for teeth
    Vitamin D is also very important for the health of teeth. Vitamin D works exactly the same way with calcium and phosphorus to maintain healthy and strong teeth.
  • Vitamin D is important for the immune system
    The immune system requires an adequate supply of vitamin D to function properly, as vitamin D helps to strengthen the immune system. It appears that there are vitamin D receptors on all cells in the body. This ties in with recent research, which has concluded that people who have good levels of vitamin D in their body are at a lower risk for mortality from all disease causes.
Vitamin D is really important, together with calcium, to help remineralise bones
  • Vitamin D is needed for normal growth and development
    Vitamin D is needed to ensure there is proper regulation and maintenance of cell growth and development, particularly for infants and children, who experience very high rates of growth and development and this needs to be healthy and normal.
  • Vitamin D treats hypocalcaemia
    Vitamin D is used to treat hypocalcaemia (low blood calcium levels), which is a common condition in people with kidney disease, as they cannot properly maintain levels of many nutrients, including calcium. Vitamin D helps the body better absorb calcium from the diet or supplements and so is effective in raising blood calcium levels in people with low calcium levels (hypocalcaemia).
  • Vitamin D may help psoriasis
    Studies and anecdotal evidence shows that people with psoriasis, a chronic skin disease that makes the skin get itchy, red, flaky patches seem to get relief when they expose the affected skin to sunshine. The sunlight clears up the patches of psoriasis for many people with this skin disorder. Prescription creams that have vitamin D added are prescribed for people with psoriasis and they do help relieve symptoms. But, research shows that high vitamin D supplements do not help psoriasis and in fact are dangerous, as they can produce toxicity symptoms.


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