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Vitamin D Food Sources

The best (but not the only) food sources of vitamin D are the following:

  • Cod liver oil (20mg) - 2000IU
  • Fish, herring, Atlantic, raw (85g) - 1384IU
  • Fish, salmon, sockeye, canned, drained solids with bone (85g) - 649IU
  • Fish, salmon, pink, canned, solids with bone and liquid (85g) - 530IU
  • Fish, salmon, pink, canned, drained solids with bone (85g) - 396IU
  • Mollusks, oyster, eastern, wild, raw (85g) - 272IU
  • Prawns (85g) - 129IU
  • Fish, herring, Atlantic, kippered (85g) - 102IU
  • Fish, caviar, black and red, granular (10g) - 23IU
The highest source of vitamin D is cod liver oil, but it also exists in many other fish

For a more comprehensive list of vitamin D food sources, visit:


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