Macrobiotic Diet Other Considerations

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Anyone who would like to try the Macrobiotic diet, should also be aware of the following that may have an impact on their decision to try this diet:

  • Organic foods can be generally more expensive than conventionally produced foods, which raises the cost of following this diet
  • This diet is about following a completely holistic way of life, not just about food which may be too much for some people
  • Pregnant & lactating women – need to seek advice before trying this diet
  • The diet may not be suitability for children
Always seek medical advice before trying any diet, no matter how healthy the diet seems

Explanation of the Other Considerations

  • There are very specific nutrition guidelines for pregnant and lactating women and this diet is not specially made for these groups of women, who have special dairy and other nutrient requirements and who should seek professional medical advice if they would like to try this diet
  • The suitability of this diet diet for children is not really recommended, as children have increased nutritional and caloric requirements and need more protein and fat in their diet to ensure proper growth and develop, which a vegetarian diet may not provide. Individual advice from a medical professional needs to be sought to ascertain if the macrobiotic is suitable for your child



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