Low GI Diet Disadvantages

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The following are the disadvantages to the Low GI diet:

  • Some low GI foods are high in saturated fat, salt and calories
  • Difficult to identify the GI value of a whole meal
  • The low GI diet has not been scientifically proven yet
Always eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, grains and foods low in saturated fat

Explanation of disadvantages

  • There are many foods which have a low GI, but which are also high in saturated fat, calories and even high in salt – such as packets of chips and salted nuts. Milk and dark chocolate are also low GI, but neither are recommended to be consumed on a large basis (although dark chocolate does have many more heart healthy effects than milk chocolate, it is not advised to have blocks of it each day). Take a look at the foods low in GI to confirm this fact
  • While the components of a meal can be identified (ie each fruit / vegetable / grain etc has their own individual GI value), it is difficult to establish the GI value of the whole meal, which means that the GI may not be the best diet tool just yet
  • There is no scientific proof that the low GI diet is the one which should be following to ensure good health, due to the fact that many low GI foods are high in saturated fat, which are not recommended to be eaten in large amounts as they are not beneficial for good health



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