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The rating of the low GI diet is on two levels and is based on the clinical evidence so far received for this diet from all the clinical studies so far conducted:

  • Rating as a short term diet – 9.0/10
  • Rating as a long term diet – 6.5/10
The low GI diet has a favourable rating for both the short and longer terms


  1. This diet is favoured by many nutrition experts as a generally good diet that focuses on the intake of lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, wholegrains and low fat protein sources and it can be used by vegetarians
  2. There are no long-term studies on the low GI diet or of the impact of GI on the total meal (not just its components, which have been studied) and while this diet adheres to most of the recommendation of nutrition experts today, this diet should be considered a “work in progress” that is not yet at it’s final point



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