South Beach Diet Disadvantages

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There are a number of disadvantages to the South Beach diet:

  • Requires dedication and commitment to ensure weight loss
  • First phase can be very difficult for many people
  • Weakness and lethargy at the start of the first phase
  • Cuts out all dairy, grains and most vegetables in the first phase
  • Does not provide all the necessary nutrients in the first phase
  • Initial weight loss may be just water loss and is not advised
People with impaired kidney function or any other health condition should consult their doctor before trying this or any other diet

References and Explanations

  1. The South Beach diet requires a great deal of dedication and commitment in the individual, as the diet is a complete change from what was most likely eaten before. This drastic change in diet, especially the removal of all fruit and dairy, reduction in all vegetables and increase in low fat dairy, may be difficult for some people. In addition to this, the change in diet can make many people feel lethargic and low in energy until their body starts to adjust to the diet regime, after which energy levels will increase. It is generally at the start of the diet that the dieter may find difficult and some will give up on the diet due to this
  2. Cutting out a whole food group and most of another food group is not healthy because it cuts out many important nutrients (fibre, B vitamins, other vitamins) that are required by the body to be healthy and function properly
  3. The initial weight loss of up to 7kg (13lb) is not recommended from a healthy nutritional view. Current medical advice is that all weight loss should be consistent and no more than 2kg (1lb) per week to be healthy



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