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The Zone diet is does not ban any foods from consumption - this diet simply limits their intake.

The fats should be limited due to their highly saturated nature, the proteins should be limited due to their high saturation of fat or high arachinoid acid content or both (all of which have an unhealthy impact on the heart and cardiovascular system) and the carbohydrates should be limited due to their high glycemic load and their unhealthy effect on insulin levels.

The following foods should be eaten on a restricted basis, due to their unhealthy effects on the body:

Protein - Poor Choices (higher in saturated fat, cholesterol and arachinoid acid)

  • Dairy - hard cheeses
  • High fat red beef - beef, lamb, pork sausages, veal
  • Processed meat - bacon, hot dogs, imitation bacon bits, pepperoni
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Fats - Poor Choices (saturated and high in cholesterol)

  • Dairy - butter, cream cheese, full fat cream, full fat ice cream,  sour cream
  • Fats - lard, vegetable shortening

High Density Carbohydrates - Poor Choices

  • Alcohol - any type
  • Baked produce - bagels, biscuits, breads (white), breadcrumbs, cookies, cornbread, crackers, donuts, muffins, pita bread
  • Cereals - buckwheat, bulghur, cous cous, millet, wheat
  • Flour and produce - noodles, panackes, pasta, taco shells, tortilla, waffles
  • Fruit - banana, cranberry, dates, figs, guava, kumquat, mango, papaya, pineapple, rockmelon, watermelon
  • Grains - barley, rice, semolina
  • Juices - all fruit and vegetables juices
  • Legumes - lima beans, pinto beans, peas
  • Sauces - barbeque, cocktail, cranberry, relishes, sweet chilli, plum, teriyaki
  • Snacks - chips, french fries, granola bars, popcorn, pretzels
  • Sweets - cakes, golden syrup, honey, maple syrup, molasses, sugar
  • Soft drinks - all types of purchased colas and soft drinks
  • Vegetables - beans (all types), beetroot, carrots, corn, parsnip, potato, sweet potato

For more detailed information about the amount of each food permitted and the comprehensive list on all the foods permitted, see the Zone Diet official web site, which has a 2 week example food plan for men, women and vegetarians and other useful tools.



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