Juicing-Fasting Diet Advantages

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There are a number of advantages to the juicing-fasting diet:

  • Juices are easy for the stomach to digest and absorb
  • Juicing allows concentration of some nutrients in one glass
  • Fresh juice has a lot of flavour (from the fruits and/or vegetables)
  • Raw juices have many vitamins, minerals and antioxidants
  • Fasting allows the gastrointestinal (GI) tract to rest and detoxify
  • Fasting enables the liver to detoxify properly
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  1. It is preferable to complete a pre-fast diet in which all meat and animal products are removed from the diet, together with caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes, processed foods, junk foods and any other stimulants. This pre-fast diet needs to be adhered to for about one week prior to starting the juicing-fasting diet
  2. People with impaired kidney or liver function should not try this diet, as it could result in adverse health effects (even kidney failure)
  3. There are very specific nutrition guidelines for pregnant and lactating women and this diet is not suitable, as they need a lot of protein to ensure their baby is developing and growing properly
  4. This diet is completely unsuitable for children, who need a lot of protein every day to ensure they grow and develop properly



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