Juicing-Fasting Diet Other Considerations

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Anyone who would like to try a juicing-fasting diet, should also be aware of the following that may have an impact on their decision to try this diet:

  • Required to complete a pre-fasting diet
  • Not suitable for people with impaired kidney function
  • Pregnant and lactating women should not try this diet
  • This diet is not suitable for children
People with impaired kidney function or any other health condition should consult their doctor before trying this or any other diet


  • It is preferable to complete a pre-fast diet in which all meat and animal products are removed from the diet, together with caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes, processed foods, junk foods and any other stimulants. This pre-fast diet needs to be adhered to for about one week prior to starting the juicing-fasting diet
  • People with impaired kidney or liver function should not try this diet, as it could result in adverse health effects (even kidney failure)
  • There are very specific nutrition guidelines for pregnant and lactating women and this diet is not suitable, as they need a lot of protein to ensure their baby is developing and growing properly
  • This diet is completely unsuitable for children, who need a lot of protein every day to ensure they grow and develop properly


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